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Environmental Centre and Green Building standards in RUSSIA

In the wake of the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development the Worlds major countries established the World Green Building Council (World GBC) in 2002.
This international organization united over 70 national councils that transform the international construction market by introducing environmental assessment systems, educational programs, and by lending support to green building.
As of now the World market has a large number of green building standards with LEED, BREEAM and DGNB at the lead.
The Russian Green Building Council (RuGBC) was established in 2009.
RUGBC Objectives are:
  • to promote green building concepts;
  • to implant green building standards  (LEED, BREEAM and DGNB) into construction projects;
  • to assess and certify construction projects on compliance with green building standards.
Environmental Centre became a RuGBC member in 2010. Environmental Centre has on its staff experts licensed to assess and certify construction facilities on their conformity to green building standards.
Environmental centre IFPA took part in the certification of green standard BREEAM one of the Olympic objects of Sochi - 2014 - railway station Olympic Park.
The project of the railway station Olympic Park

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