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PERMIT instead of LICENSES !!!!!

Permits to works issued by self-regulated organizations (SRO) substitute for earlier existed licensed in the field of construction, design and site surveying in construction industry!!!

Permits, Certificates


Beginning from 1 January 2009 the Russian authorities have ceased issuing licenses for construction, design and site surveying all over the Russian soil. Instead they have introduced the institute of self-regulated organizations (SRO). Now a company cannot obtain a permit for continuation of its professional activities permit to types of work unless it has become a member of a self-regulated organization.
Basic documents governing SRO activities:
Federal law No. 315-FZ On self-regulated organizations enacted on 1 December 2007;
RF Federal law No. 190-FZ of 29 December 2004 Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation
Regional Development Ministrys Regulation No. 624 of 30 December 2009 On approval of types of site survey works, preparation of design documentation, construction, reconstruction and repair of capital structures, which affect safety of the infrastructure
RF Government Decree No. 207 of 24 March 2011 On minimum criteria to meet for a self-regulated organization to issue permits for the  work on hazardous and highly technical construction projects that affects safety of these facilities
Earlier issued licenses for site surveying, design and construction of buildings and structures will be valid until 1 January 2010. Upon that date the company will not have the right to officially conduct certain types of activities unless it has the permit granted by a self-regulated organization (SRO).

Environmental Centre IFPA is a member of:

1 October 2009 - Environmental Centre IFPA joined the noncommercial partnership Liga Isyskatelei (League of Surveyors)   (http://www.li-sro.ru/)
(Reference number --013-25122009 in the State register of self-regulated organizations).
12 February 2010 - Environmental Centre IFPA joined the noncommercial partnership Sovet Proektirovshchikov (Council of Designers)
(http://www.sp-sro.ru/) (Reference number --011-16072009 in the State register of self-regulated organizations).

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