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Yamal - Centre Pipeline System

The strategy for developing the gas resource of Yamal peninsula envisages a construction of a system of major gas pipelines that would connect the fields with central regions of Russia and, through them, with the markets in Western Europe.
The bulk of the resource is concentrated in Bovanenkovskoye and Harasaveyskoye fields of gas. The former is one of the largest Western Siberian gas fields known to date.

2004-2005. Developing an Environmental Impact Assessment as part of the Investment Feasibility report for the project of the development of Bovanenkovskoye field and gas transport from Yamal peninsula.
The total length of the gas lines is 2,500 km. The starting point is at the gas treatment facilities of Bovanenkovskoye on Yamal peninsula. From that starting point the line goes in Yamal, crosses Baidaratskaya inlet and then goes through other Russian regions, such as Tyumen, Republic of Komi, Archangelsk , Vologda, Yaroslavl and Tver regions and terminates in the city of Torzhok.

Two options for pipeline route alignment in the starting section werr reviewed:
   -  the base case: the offshore option Bovanenkovo Baidaratskaya Inlet
   -  the bypass: the onshore option Bovanenkovo Yuribey Hralov Polar
      Urals Vorkuta.


The review of the pipeline included the following facilities:
   -  gas lines themselves;
   -  compressor stations and gas treatment facilities;
   -  access roads and service drives;
   -  associated gas transportation infrastructure.

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