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Haryaga - Indiga Pipeline System

The Haryaga-Indiga oil pipeline system is designed for the export of crude from Timan-Pechora oil province to ports in Western Europe.
The offloading takes place at an Oil Export Terminal in Indigskaya and Cheshskaya inlets of the Barents shore of Russia.

2006. Developing an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as part of the Investment Feasibility study completed for the construction of the Haryaga-Indiga oil pipeline system, with two alternative options considered, viz:
          an oil pipeline from Haryaga pump station to Svyatoy Nos cape;
          an oil pipeline from Haryaga pump station to Bolshoy Rumyanichny

The project facilities included:

  • An oil loading terminal at the sea shore;
  • Shore mooring facilities including a subsea pipeline;
  • A single-point mooring facility for loading commercial petroleum;
  • Onshore pipelines;- Pump stations.  

The Hanne Knutsen tanker Haryaga field development site

The route of the pipelines crosses an area notorious for its challenging climatic, nature and geotechnical conditions. The area that was under the environmental study is extensively waterlogged. There are fairly large sections covered by permafrost soil. A lots of areas that the pipelines were to cross had rocks and landslides.

A slope of the valley of the Sena-Shor creek with instances of thermic erosion and salt flow (solifluction) River Kolva in the Northern section of the right-of-way

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