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Quality of Services

Services Environmental Centre IFPA  is aimed at studying, assessment and prevention of excess impact on the environment.
EC task is to accommodate the interests of the Client within the framework of the national environmental policy and legislation.
The Company’s managers make the most of the experience, wisdom and scientific insight of local research organizations and individuals, welcoming them in its current projects.
In the course of its work on a project EC maintains a continuous interaction with local state governmental and control agencies, never dispenses the existing environmental constraints and requirements and takes into account the opinions of the public and opponent parties.
“Quality of environmental services is a pledge of a successful transition of Russia to sustainable development” 
Recognizing their commitment to preserving a beneficial environment, the Environmental Centre IFPA management and staff specializing in environmental management services are hereby wording their quality assurance and environmental goals.      
Key Quality Assurance and Environmental Goals of Environmental Centre IFPA:      
• Make balanced decisions complying unconditionally with the requirements of environmental legislation   to preserve a beneficial environment  in dealing with social and economic issues;           
• Take measures to make the quality of provided services comply with the requirements of Contract and consumers;         
• Deal with regional environmental issues with due account for locality-specific environmental management practices and impacts induced by man on the environment and factoring in the health improving measures and local ecosystem capacity;      
• Build up the environmental services particularly in engineering-ecological survey, ‘green standards’ and environmental audit;    
• Implement and use the state-of-the-art GIS technologies in providing the environmental services.
With the above stated goals in mind the Environmental Centre IFPA commits itself as follows:       
• Ensure the company quality management system complies with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 and the company environmental management system complies with the requirements of GOST R ISO 14001-2007;     
• Promote continuously the efficiency of the quality management and environmental management systems;   
• Implement effective organizational and managerial measures and set up a flexible job arrangement system specifically tailored for each Contract;      
• Provide author’s supervision and copyright protection for works completed in study, review and approval by regional and federal  environmental agencies;         
• Benefit from company highly-skilled full-time or outsourced personnel;        
• Coordinate the efforts of all personnel engaged in producing a deliverable and enhance the personal responsibility of each team member for the output quality within his/her competence;          
• Upgrade continuously the company IT base and provide its personnel with the state-of-the-art software and hardware and all needed resources;    
• Take measures to improve the personnel expertise and its skills.       
The company management guarantees it will create conditions for a continuous improvement of all aspects of Environmental Centre IFPA’s business performance and acknowledges its full responsibility for the implementation of the company quality management policy.   
President   Yulia V. Shmeleva
Environmental Center IFPA
In 2003 Environmental Centre IFPA completed the development and implementation of its Quality Management System. This system complies with the International and Russian requirements set forth in ISO 9001:2015.
In 2008 Environmental Centre IFPA completed the development and implementation of its Environmental Management System. This system complies with the International and  Russian requirements set forth in ISO 14001:2016.

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