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Environmental calculations

Environmental Centre IFPA can do the following calculations:

  • Dispersion calculations, environmental contamination calculations (air, water, waste) using applicable methodologies currently in force;
  • Environmental impact payment calculations, including:
       -  Fee for use of natural resources (land, water, forest, biotic);
       -  Fee for contamination of environment (emission, discharge,
          waste disposal);
       -  Cost of land reclamation and/or other site restoration activities;
  • Environmental damages (including fishery damages) and evaluation of environmental risks.

Striving to improve the precision of modeling, Ecocenter creates special modeling-computational units, which are meant to add value to the existing computational techniques by bringing in some numerical ways of mathematical simulation. For example, the work to take into account the hydrological and hydrodynamic behaviour of the sea when trying to understand the dispersion of project contaminants in a  marine environment is addressed by applying the techniques of mathematical simulation of hydrodynamic tasks for description of sea currents.

The software developed to date by Environmental Centre IFPA, Ltd. allow for:

  • Modeling water currents and dispersion of pollutants in both sea and river water;
  • Modeling the dispersion of emergency spills of oil or oil products;
  • Emergency situation probability risk analysis.
The modeling results are used in evaluations of environmental damages to biotic resources, including fishery.

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