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Environmental survey minimizes the hazards to the environment and safeguards an optimal habitat for population.

Environmental Survey and Monitoring

Assessment of the environmental components (including soil, atmosphere, subsoil and surface waters, and geophysical fields) and of anthropogenic, social and economic situation at the sites of the intended construction or of other anthropogenic activities is done in the first place in the course of the integrated environmental surveys.
Environmental survey enables to prevent, mitigate or eliminate unfavorable environmental as well as related social, economic and other implications, and to sustain optimum conditions for community residents.
The results of such surveys are the precondition for design engineering consistent with identified restrains on the placement and implementation of specific project solutions.

EC customarily performs:

Full range of engineering
and environmental surveys
at the design front end and
engineering stages as well as
at the construction and startup

Reglaments and environmental
survey programs elaboration.

    Elaboration of recommendations
    and of local environmental
    monitoring staging and
    conducting at design front end
    and engineering stages.


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