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EPMB is the Book “Environmental protection measures” in the design documentation. EIA stands for Environmental impact assessment.

EIA is a key part of the section “Environmental protection measures”.


New revision of the Town Planning Code (Federal law no. 190-FZ of 29 Dec. 2004) (Article 48, item 12) has altered the f design documentation make-up to substitute the Section (Book) “Environmental protection” (EPB) with the Book “Environmental protection measures” (EPMB).
Requirements on the Section “Environmental protection measures” are outlined in RF Government Regulation No. 87 of 16 February 2008 “On the list of sections of design documentation and requirements on their contents.”
Also, Letter no. 19088-sk/08 (dated 22 June 2009) of the Ministry of Regional Development does not envision any stages in preparation of design documentation such as TEO (feasibility analysis), project (design), and rabochiy project (detail design), but uses instead the concepts of "design documentation" and "working documentation," and, accordingly, the regulatory documents SNiP 11-01-95 and SP 11-101-95 are no longer valid.
The Book “Environmental protection measures”  shall comprise three main parts:
1. Environmental impact assessment (EIA).
2. Measures for prevention and/or mitigation of possible negative impact of projected business activities on the environment and for rational utilization of natural resources for the period of construction and operation of the capital construction facility.
3. List and estimation of costs of environmental management and compensatory payments.
Environmental Centre IFPA has completed over a hundred EIA’s and EPMB’s to date in various industrial development and production projects.

An Environmental Centre IFPA  EIA or EPMB work would comprise the following:

  • Collecting   and   process   available   published   environmental
  • Planning for and conduct field environmental studies;
  • Creating and expand the relevant environmental data bank;
  • Developing a databank-integrated GIS system;
  • Mapping both the baseline and forecast environmental status of the
    project area;
  • Outputting   the   product   in   the   form   of   textual   documents,
    environmental maps, photographs, videos, tables, graphics, figures,
    diagrams, etc.



Our data processing techniques comply with the methodologies currently in force, they are documented in an open form and can make part of the Client data bases.


EC’s contribution to the project would not stop once the deliverable is shipped off to the client. EC supports submitted document during the different approvals at various review levels to defend the report on the way to obtaining a positive opinion statement (conclusion) at the required state level.

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