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GIS Technologies

Based upon the technologies of GIS, CAD, DBMS and remote sensing data, Environmental Centre IFPA

processing of graphic and factographic data
preparation of the mapping package for environmental assessment studies

environmental databases that have references and geographical links between the various objects
data processing methods using GIS and DBMS means, including making software modules, preparing methods ready for implementation, training the user

Applying GIS Technologies

3d model of exploratory wells
The Company introduced the technology of the formation, processing and presentation of environmental data.
On the basis of Geographic Information System (GIS), automated design system (CAD), database management system (DBMS) and remote sensing EC performs:
  • Baseline environmental components  state database processing and registration;
  • environmental  state change control for the duration of the cycle: design construction commissioning operation dismantling;
  • on-line data processing and cartographic document preparation for environmental assessments.
Gis technologies were extensively used in project elaboration for:
development of Sochi as a mountain
climate resort, 2006 2014;
combined Adler to Alpika-Servis
mountain climate resort highway/railway construction;
Sakhalin island oil & gas fields development;
West Salym hydrocarbon resource development;
Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC)pipeline construction.


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