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Environmental Centre IFPA

we can review and provide an expert environmental opinion on various project deliverables, such as:

terms of reference
(Technical Assignments), plans or programs of any environmental survey work, study or monitoring;
technical reports from an environmental survey, study or monitoring;
an environmental substantiation document, an EIA report or an EPB produced by third parties.

Environmental Consulting

Ecocentre  has  an  extensive  environmental  consulting experience. Whether by word of mouth or in writing   in the form of memos, summaries, explanatory   notes, analytical   reports   or   answers   to questions given we consult on any of the following subjects:
  • General issues of environmental management and legislation in Russia;
  • General   approval   principles  and   procedures   for  deliverables prepared at different stages of project development;
  • The requirements and procedure of the State Environmental Expert Review;
  • Procedures to follow in obtaining permits and licenses both at the federal or regional levels of the state government system;
  • Industry-wide   regulatory   requirements   for   use   of   natural resources, environmental  quality  assurance, occupational  health and safety issues;
  • Methodological framework for the development of an EIA or an EPMB;
  • Issues of compliance of the project practices of Russian and foreign operators with the EIA  procedure, the environmental expert review procedure and the agreed conditions of natural  resources usage;
  • Preparation of environmental or related documents for project stakeholder engagement processes, public hearings, etc.;
  • The current environmental and health status in the different
    regions of Russia;
  • Other HSE matters.

Vernadsky Avenue 94, Building 1, of.6,7,9,
Moscow, Russia, 119571
tel. +7 (499) 503-93-93, 503-93-83, +7 (495) 646-31-01
fax +7 (499) 503-93-93, 503-93-83,
e-mail ec@ecifpa.ru
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