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Environmental Audit

Refinery company «Rosneft» in Nakhodka
Most customers find it challenging to assess whether environmental requirements are met at facilities in operation or upgrade and at investment planning for new projetcs.
This assessment is made during environmental auditing.
In recent years foreign investors have laid special emphasis on this practice.
Since 1994 Environmental Centre IFPA has conducted environmental audit of sites, industrial facilities and plants, business entities and other natural resources users.

In conducting Environmental Audit EC tackles the following tasks:

appraises the extent of compli-
ance with Federal, Regional
and Local regulatory frame-
works for environment;
determines the environmental management system’s efficiency
at the facility in question and its compliance with national and international standards;
identifies areas and operations
that have excessive effect
on environment;
forewarns the top management
or the investor about the revealed non-compliances;
draws up recommendations for elimination of non-compliances.

Among the major projects of environmental audit, such as:
  • Company "AvtoVAZ" Objects in the cities of Togliatti, Izhevsk;
  • Company «Michelin Group» in Moscow region;
  • Company «Orgsintez»  the city of Novomoskovsk, Tula region;
  • «The Coca-Cola Company» Objects in Moscow and Novosibirsk;
  • Company «Rosneft» in the city of Nakhodka oil-refining plant.
Treatment facilities of the factory "AVTOVAZ"  Assembly line of "AVTOVAZ" 

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