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About company

Environmental Centre IFPA is a Russian small-business company specializing in the market of environmental management and services.

The firm was set up in 1989. The company offers a broad array of environmental services specific to project design or construction or operation in various industries.

Environmental design, environmental consulting, audit, organization and conducting ecological engineering survey, environmental monitoring exercises onshore and offshore here is by far not the complete listing of what the company is prepared to provide.

The company has 20 years of successful contractor experience in dozens of regions of the Russian Federation as well as in FSU and participates in projects of international scale led by Shell, ExxonMobil,  Sakhalin Energy, ERM.

Ecocentre (as it is commonly known) delivers its environmental consulting services at a level that is to satisfy the highest expectations of the Client.

Today the firm carries on mastering new business horizons, striking collaboration deals and entering into partnerships with both national and foreign companies. 

Tunnel complex combined highway and railway from Adler to "Alpica-Service"

Coastal shipping terminal CPC night, Novorossiysk   International airport Sheremetyevo, Moscow

The plant of liquefied natural gas, O. Sakhalin    Gas pipeline route, the Sakhalin island

Vernadsky Avenue 94, Building 1, of.6,7,9,
Moscow, Russia, 119571
tel. +7 (499) 503-93-93, 503-93-83, +7 (495) 646-31-01
fax +7 (499) 503-93-93, 503-93-83,
e-mail ec@ecifpa.ru
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